DIY thread spool holder

I was doing some major spring cleaning today and realized that my thread spools were everywhere. I got a headache looking at the mess and sprinted out of my room (literally). I had to do something and quick! I found some wood and nails and got crackin’. Mind you, I did not plan for a thread crisis, so don’t hate me if this tutorial has no clear cut rules or precise measurements. I just made it up as I went along. Like a said, I was desperate and I just used whatever I had on hand.

I used a small wood plank about 15″ x 0.6″  and hammered on a bunch of nails on it.

Each nail must be hammered at an angle to ensure that the thread spool would stay on the holder. I’m sure you would’ve figured that out. I like stating the obvious (just in case). 

Here, I’ve completed hammering in the nails on the wood plank. Ain’t it pretty.

I have quite a number of thread spools so I decided to make more!

After you are done waking your neighbors up with your hammering, find a good slab of wood to support your thread spool holders and continue hammering. If you are just using one piece of wood as the holder, you can skip this step and just connect two hooks on each side of it and you are pretty much done.

An upclose view.

Here, my dad decided to use this strange contraption to secure my string to the holder. It looks like a U-shaped nail that is hammered into the wood. You can of course substitute this step with a regular hook attachment.

I then tied the ends of my strings into pretty bows. :D I have no idea why, but that makes me happy.

And that’s it. My very first DIY thread spool holder. 

An upclose view. Just realized that I will have another problem when I buy more thread. :(

 ♥ Sarah Ann

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